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The newly introduced ‘S ‘Series of Gnatus combines the sophistication of ergonomic design with robust quality which is now becoming a trendsetter in the Dental equipment industry.

Gnatus from Brazil is the most popular brand of Dental Chairs in India, with over 20 years of presence in India & one of the largest installation base among Imported Dental Chair in India. With impeccable nationwide after sales support, it offers the Dental Professional A complete peace of mind The newly introduced ‘S ‘Series of Gnatus combines the sophistication of ergonomic design with robust quality which is now becoming a trendsetter in the Dental equipment industry. The Gnatus S 200 with its International delivery design offers the Dental Professional, a modular and compact Dental Treatment center Key Highlights New designed German-based Bosch motor for smooth & jerk-free movements. Anti-skid rubberized base with high-quality ABS engineering plastic covering to provide stability. Proximity sensor-based spittoon water control. Seamless and uniquely textured seat upholstery which enhances the looks and provides absolute comfort to the patient Zero backache stool for dentist to support spine for long dental procedure and provide comfort to the dentist. Dental Chair Double articulated headrest for handicapped & pediatric patients, headlock system with lever. Microprocessor controlled single high reliable PCB which controls all chair operations. Non-Corrosive Dupont paint on both side of base plate to avoid rust. New designed Bosch motor for Jerk free & smooth movement Anti-Skid rubberized base provides better stability & rust protection Face Lift – Base completely redesigned with new plastic cover fixed in the base for better finish and stability. Seamless and uniquely textured upholstery for easy cleaning and patient comfort Integrated Junction box FOOT CONTROL Integrated foot control for easy operation & Chair movement controls 3 customized programs & auto return to zero position. Activation (on/off) of the dental light for hands-free operation during surgery WATER UNIT Removable spittoon for easy cleaning. High & Low Vacuum Suction Proximity Sensor: Auto control the spittoon water. Cup filter with electrical activation. DELIVERY UNIT Traditional delivery unit with newly designed Pneumatic arm, 2 Air rotor Point and 3-way syringe on Delivery unit. TouchPad control with inbuilt LED X-Ray viewer. SS Instrument Tray on the delivery unit. Option for inbuilt scaler All Tubings on the delivery unit is Made in the USA. LED LIGHT Philips 3 LED Sensor Light with 10,000 -30,000 Lux intensity. 3 levels of Light intensity can be set using the hands-free sensor Light can be controlled by hand & foot control as well for the maintenance of hygiene 360° adjustable & autoclavable handles.


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